Sustainable Green Economy in Village

Jul 25, 2017

An unprecedented practice is in the making in Eldivan district of Çankırı. The Women Initiative Production and Operation Cooperative of Eldivan Municipality, originally founded by 7 women of Eldivan and now boasting more than 50 members, has started a project with the slogan “By Sun’s Hand, by Women’s Labor” which now produces jam, marmalade, paste, tarhana soup, noodle, pickles, vinegar and dried vegetables and fruits using only renewable sources.

Relying on the re-use of production waste as organic fertilizer, recovery of waste water and use of solar energy; the production model delivers organic, nature-friendly products with minimum carbon footprint.

The products branded “Külçe” are available in the stores, wrapped in women’s hand-woven, environment-friendly packaging.

The “Green Economy in Village Project”, implemented by the Clean Energy Foundation with support from Coca-Cola, UNDP and New World, contributes to the nature, us and green economy through value added by the women of Eldivan.

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