UNDP Gender Equality Seal - Silver

May 30, 2017

UNDP Turkey participated in the" Seal of Gender Equality "program in September 2015. In the process beginning with this program, UNDP Turkey is committed to ensure that gender equality is observed and dealt with in all the work carried out in the field of development as well as internal institutional processes. CO have taken significant steps to internalize the gender equality as an indispensible part of our everyday work  and to reflect it in various fields like  organizational structure, management system, program development and recruitment as well as project design and implementation. Starting as an objective, the program has transformed into a tool that strengthens the steps taken to achieve the ultimate goal of building a human rights approach based on gender equality. A total of 18 months of efforts by the UNDP Turkey Team have been awarded with the Silver certificate by the "Gender Equality Seal" certification program. 

However, the biggest award is the strong gender equality perspective that our team has developed. The certification program mediates the clarification of the gender equality target for the country team. Now we know that, as development experts we are not the technicians who are to integrate gender equality into every implementation as a corporate requirement. We can clearly identify why we need to do so, in other words why we need to have gender mainstreaming in the center of the sustainable development. In the last abstraction level, the seal process allowed us to rebuild the connection and strengthened the ties between the our professional and personal lives.

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