“Future Lies in Tourism” celebrates 10th anniversary



The 10th anniversary was celebrated for “Future Lies in Tourism” project launched a decade ago in order to identify the tourism potential in Turkey, increase job opportunities in tourism, and promote local development through sustainable tourism projects. The book “10 Years, 10 Cities, 10 Stories” was launched as a 10th year specialty for the Project jointly implemented by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, UNDP and Anadolu Efes.

The book features the stories of projects supported and lives changed through “Future Lies in Tourism” across Turkey as written by such celebrities as Sunay Akın, Refika Birgül, Mutlu Tönbekici, Saffet Emre Tonguç, Günseli Özen, Derin Sarıyer, Yaşar, Mete Horozoğlu and Ayşe Arman, and eternalized by the famous photography artist Mustafa Seven.


To access the book: http://www.gelecekturizmde.com/ebook/

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