Integrated Forest Management Project supports education of primary education students

Mar 8, 2017

An on-line education system for students is created in the context of Integrated Forest Management Project which is being implemented by General Directorate of Forestry with financial support of GEF (Global Environment Facility) and in cooperation with UNDP. On-line educations system consists of education cards and web site and supports primary education students from 1st class to 8th class. 

This system, which is internet-based, computer-aided educational software, is compatible with the curriculum of Ministry of National Education and helps students to assess themselves through 52 thousand test questions. Moreover, it is aimed to promote love of nature and increase consciousness on environmental issues among students through story books on forests, audiobooks, posters, slogans, videos, animations and magazines.

In addition to these, activation code to reach to system is provided to students through education cards. Up to today 110 thousand education cards distributed to students.

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