GAP Organic Agriculture Cluster Continues to Develop Network Cooperation

Feb 6, 2017

Anatolian Clusters Cooperation Platform (AKİP) is established to increase cooperation and coordination among clusters and cluster ventures. AKİP’s fourth meeting is organized by OSTİM with participation of 40 clusters nationwide.

Representatives of ministries, development agencies, universities, chamber of industry, chamber of commerce and clusters, in total 95 people attended the meeting where the GAP Organic Agriculture Cluster presented its activities. In order to coordinate future activities of the platform 7 Executive Committee members elected in the meeting. GAP Organic Agriculture Cluster is elected as a member to represent the East and Southeast Anatolia regions in the committee.

In the meeting the platform’s objectives stated as below:

-          Increase awareness of clustering as a regional development tool, to develop and expand in Turkey.

-          Increase cooperation between central, local authorities and universities.

-          Support development of new clusters, develop cooperation and partnership among clusters,

-          Promote clusters in international level to increase supply and value chain developments and competitiveness of the clusters.


In this context GAP Organic Agriculture Cluster will continue to contribute to the achievement of the stated goals and help to increase regional, national and international network cooperation among clusters.

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