Entrepreneurial and technologic solutions to the refugee-related problems from Harran University students


Harran University Computer Engineering students participated to the Innocampus Hackaton, a collaborative project providing and innovation and entrepreneurship experience, with the support of the “Strenghtening Social Stability in Southeastern Anatolia Project”, run by the cooperation of UNDP Turkey and GAP Regional Development Administration.Harran University students, have joined to the Hackathon with a promising project called “E-Refugee”, a multilingual and video-rich website developed for facilitating the access to the healthcare and education for refugees.

From 3-5 February, 36 refugee and Turkish computer programmers and graphic designers participated in Turkey’s first ever coding marathon (Hackathon) held in İstanbul Işık University’s campus in Şile, to focus on easing the challenges faced by Syrian refugees in the country.   

Strengthening Social Stability in Southeast Anatolia Project’s one of two basic components aims to contribute to the employability of different segments of Syrian population and host communities through provision of vocational training and competency development programmes that includes entrepreneurial activities, as well as improving local value chains and local production ecosystems and infrastructures for diversified and enhanced livelihood opportunities.  After assessments made by Harran University Computer Engineering department academics and UNDP, a team of 6 voluntary students were supported to participate to the event.  Students have been successfully completed the 36 hours-marathon of Hackathon and developed innovative ideas with the culture of team work, harmony and cooperation.


Entrepreneurship trainings will continue in Gaziantep

The event was organized by IOM and InnoCampus, a non-profit project providing innovation and entrepreneurship experiences. IOM mentors provided guidance to Turkish and Syrian participants about refugee-related problems in Turkey.  

The teams participating in the Hackathon identified four areas for potential innovation: a social media app to help doctors and patients overcome language barriers; a touch-screen, self-service kiosk providing information about basic services available for Syrians living in Turkey; a social media app for refugees to self-identify their needs and find possible solutions to their problems; and a scanner that provides oral instructions to assist people in accurately and quickly sending documents required for obtaining humanitarian assistance.

These ideas will be further developed at the Entrepreneurship Accelerator Training Program, which will take place from 17 February – 10 May 2017 at the InnoCampus in Gaziantep.  InnoCampus is a mobile accelerator/FabLab program which travels from city to city helping budding entrepreneurs bring their business ideas to life. The prefabricated portable platform consists of 3 containers (total 90 m2) which can be set up and disassembled in just a day and travels from city to city on 3 trucks. InnoCampus Gaziantep program targets both Gaziantep locals and individuals from the refugee community in Turkey. The objective of the program is to use the InnoCampus entrepreneurship training to help the selected individuals and teams start new businesses and startups.


For more info please visit: http://innocampus.org/gaziantep-universitesi-programi/


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