Syrians’ integration: Vocational training courses are on the rise

Jan 18, 2017

To improve livelihood opportunities of Syrians and support host communities better cope and recover from the impact of displacement, Gaziantep Municipality provides local services including vocational training, competency development programmes as well as workshops, domestic economics and psycho-social rehabilitation trainings and various interventions to boost local economy for stronger labour force absorption capacity.

European Union funded “Mitigating the Impact of Syrian Crisis in Southeast Anatolia Region Project” has been implemented by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in cooperation with Southeastern Anatolia Development Project Regional Development Administration (GAP BKİ), the Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) and with local partners Gaziantep Municipality, Gaziantep Chamber of Industry, and Şanlıurfa Municipality.

Gaziantep Municipality, with the target of improving the livelihoods in order increase the employability of the impacted communities including the Syrians under temporary protection, provides vocational trainings for industry and service sectors in Gaziantep, with regards to increase vocational skills for Syrians, to enhance their employability chances and to support livelihoods in short and long run.

Rebuilding the future

Within the scope of the vocational training courses combined with life skills trainings, such as on Turkish language, cooking, skin care, glass atelier, hair styling and kutnu weaving courses are given by the Gaziantep Municipality with collaboration of UNDP, in GASMEK. Training and counselling programs are provided for free and with the help of Arab translator. New courses might be opened in line with the local demand. The courses are planned to be completed in June 2017.

The program provides also competency development programmes to empower and contribute to the works of trainers, specialists and consultants who work on the issues of migration, refugee and Syrian crisis whose number reached to 82 so far. Besides, 2, 952 Syrians, and 82 Turkish citizens, have been beneficiary under the scope of “Basic life skills training program”. To support their access to the job market, more Syrians are targeted to take part in life skills trainings, vocational trainings and Turkish language courses so that they can not only recover from the crisis but also improve the longer-term development prospects.

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