New Projects that are supported by “Future Lies in Tourism” are announced

Jan 18, 2017

The projects to be supported in 2017 have been announced under the Future Lies In Tourism Project implemented in cooperation by the T.R. Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Anadolu Efes and UNDP. Under the Project that provides funding support to tourism ideas in addition to such services as training, technical assistance, planning and consulting, it is decided to develop eco-tourism in Buldan district of Denizli, extend tourism over 4 seasons in Foça district of Izmir, and combine three Lycian Way hiking routes in Demre district of Antalya to offer for tourism.


Call of Birds

The “Birds Call You”, one of the projects supported in the 4th term of the Future Lies In Tourism Project, will be implemented by the Association of Protecting Animals in cooperation with Buldan Municipality and District Governorship. The project draws attention to 300 bird species, rich biodiversity and eco-tourism potential of Buldan’s Yayla Lake, a significant asset of Denizli; and aims to enhance awareness for this region. It is aimed in this context to create awareness in the region and Yayla Lake, stimulate the eco-tourism potential, and contribute to sustainable tourism and local economy.


Lycian Way

The Lycian Way, the first long-distance hiking path in Turkey attracts many tourists every year. The project which will be implemented by the Association of Culture Routes in cooperation with Demre District Governorship, Demre Municipality and Kapaklı Village Muhktar’s Office has been designed in consideration of the region’s tourism potential and such basic needs as rest and accommodation of prospective tourists. The project aims to raise awareness in sustainable tourism in the region and combine the three different Lycian Way hiking routes at Kapaklı and Hoyran villages of Demre. It also aspires to make the region a centre where visitors may choose from alternative routes and rest.


“Four Seasons at Foça” in Izmir

The “Four Seasons at Foça” Project which will be implemented by the Association of Tourism Operators, Investors and Shop-Owners of Foça jointly with Foça District Governorship and Foça Municipality aims to extend the current tourism activities over four seasons in Foça relying on the assistance of such activities as olive farming, vegetable and fruit farming, coastal fishing and traditional viticulture; and promote environmentally-responsive production and operation models for tourism in the region.

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