The GAP Organic Agriculture is now on-line with its new design and content

Dec 5, 2016

The GAP Organic Agriculture Portal is launched with its new design and content to contribute to the aim of creating scalable and replicable success stories, developing production and marketing infrastructure and enhancing the cooperation among the actors within the context of the GAP Organic Agriculture Cluster Project.


With its new content, structure and technical specifications the GAP Organic Agriculture Portal is now more user friendly, accessible, functional and simple. The Portal is mainly composed of Menu Items including core content and News, Activity Calendar, Multimedia and Product Platform including dynamic content. The GAP Organic Portal is aiming at:

  • Transferring knowledge and raising awareness on Organic Agriculture and Organic Food by reviewing and interpreting global, national and regional objectives, priorities and trends
  • Acting as a platform and archive for sharing the publications and documents on Organic Agriculture
  • Transferring knowledge and providing guidance for the Organic Producers in the beginning and during the journey of organic production
  • Providing guidance for organic consumers on Organic Food
  • Introducing the GAP Organic Agriculture Cluster Project and Cluster Working Groups and providing a platform for institutionalization of the cluster
  • Presenting the organic agriculture potential, updated information, products and enterprises, investment and support mechanisms in the GAP Region
  • Acting as a platform through creating a digital map of the pilot projects already implemented and being implemented in the GAP Region and presenting success stories
  • Providing a tool to share the activities and news on the organic agriculture especially from the GAP Region, creating a sharing network and catalyzing the cooperation among the actors
  • Providing a product platform where the producers can enter data of their entities and products and also update the data by this way bringing together the organic agriculture produces in the region and the consumers

The GAP Organic Agriculture Portal can be reached at

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