Subjects of the vocational training for the employment of Syrians under Temporary Protection in Şanlıurfa discussed in a workshop

Dec 5, 2016

A workshop was organized in Şanlıurfa province in order to determine the subjects of the vocational training to be provided in the agriculture, industry and service sectors under the employability and livelihoods component of the Strengthening Social Stability in Southeast Anatolia Region Project which is financed by Japanese Government and co-executed by UNDP and GAP Regional Development Administration (GAP RDA). This component aims at contributing to the employability of different segments of Syrian population and host communities through provision of vocational trainings.

Totally 60 people including representatives of public institutions and organizations, NGOs comprising private sector representatives acting in agriculture, industry/manufacturing and service sectors, representatives of professional and artisan chambers, unions and cooperatives and associations participated in the workshop organized and co-hosted by UNDP and GAP RDA.

After the opening speech of Dr. Nusret Mutlu, General Coordinator of Entrepreneurship and Economic Arif Mert Öztürk, Project Manager of UNDP informed the participants about the Syrian Crisis Response Program run by UNDP Turkey, made a presentation about the project and the purpose of the workshop.

After the opening session, the participants divided into three groups based on sectors that they represent as agriculture, industry / manufacturing and service. In working groups, subjects of the vocational training for the employment of Syrians under Temporary Protection in Şanlıurfa was discussed in accordance with the sectoral labor demand and needs analysis. Vocational training needs and demands of the relevant sector and sectoral labor force needs and analysis reports prepared by various public institutions have been taken into the consideration while vocational training subjects were discussed and determined.

After the group studies which aimed to identify vocational training subjects on a sectoral basis, all participants have come together again for the final evaluation.

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