Organic agriculture sector in GAP Region becoming institutionalized through GAP Organic Cluster Association

Dec 5, 2016

With the establishment of GAP Organic Agriculture Cluster Association (GAP ORKÜDER), a big step is taken towards institutionalization of organic agriculture sector in GAP Region.

GAP Organic Agriculture Cluster Association brings together real persons and legal entities under the same roof who work in the field of organic agriculture and organic textile. GAP ORKÜDER aims to work on clustering and capacity development for its members to protect the environment and public health and support sustainable development through encouraging and dissemination of the production, consumption and use of organic products.

GAP ORKÜDER will reach to its aim through the protection of the joint interests of its members, enhancing the cooperation and solidarity among them, assisting them for required raw material and input, providing machinery and equipment, helping for logistics, marketing, promotion, training, research-development, reaching financial funds, development of local and national collaboration.    

GAP Organic Agriculture Cluster Project is executed by GAP Regional Development Administration with the technical assistance of UNDP since 2009. Several pilot projects are being implemented in the region to contribute to the aim of creating scalable and replicable success stories.

GAP Organic Agriculture Cluster Association is founded in 3 June 2016 in order to ensure the sustainability and institutionalization of the activities realized within the context of the project.   

It is very crucial that all the stakeholders working in the field of organic sector in the region should be affiliated to the Association and actively participate to the activities.

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