A Story of a UN Volunteer

Nov 3, 2016

My name is Gizem Tülüoğlu, 26 years old. 6 months ago, I have started to work in UNDP Turkey as National UN Volunteer (Project Assistant) with desire of contributing to development, peace and growth by expressing my recently gained knowledge and work experiences on project activity implementation. UNV was a perfect place for me where I can feel the importance to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), growth and development. Moreover, during my involvement in this project, I met architectures, engineers, local and international experts and we discussed how to make this project well - implemented with sustainable results. I can clearly state that throughout these intensive working days I have investigated, learned and worked a lot for contributing to these goals! While my experiences with my friends, colleagues and I kept searching on how to provide different contributions to this project as a UN Volunteer . Searching how to provide different contributions as a volunteer. Yes, therefore, involving in ‘‘Promoting Energy Efficiency in Buildings in Turkey’’ project an being a UNVit is such a perfect experience for me.


Sustainable development, energy consumption, U value, Integrating Building Design Approach were technical terms that I had become more familiar with this project.  I was so excited to work on development subject and project activities with experts in the ministries and international companies. Upon my experiences, I can clearly state that this project is highly significant for Turkish building sector, architectures, engineers and for sure for whole Turkish society as it increases awareness and knowledge on decreasing high energy and CO2 consumption and it targets to adopt best practices all around the world by reflecting all these into its project activities in an interactive work. During the implementation of activities, energy simulation, heating systems, building information modeling (BIM), structure, water usage, indoor environmental issues, materials, solid waste, ventilation, lighting and acoustics concepts are taken into consideration together with the best practices of Integrated Building Design Approach around the world. While gaining these experiences, I have worked on one of the most important project outputs; demo school campus building construction in Ankara developed with IBDA approach. To see construction phases of Etimesgut-Eryaman Cezeri Green Technology Technical and Industrial Vocational School demo building with Nearly Zero energy consumption and construction plan was a great experience in my career. Whole these process provided me to meet new people while contributing to sustainable development goals and an interactive work environment.

It is obvious that being a UN volunteer provided contributions both to my personal and professional life: involved in group works, increased presentation and organization skills, involved in national and international interactive developmental works. I am happy to feel more confident and contribute to peace and development and I would like to involve in future UNV assignments. I believe that being a volunteer starts with desire to be so!


Gizem Tülüoğlu

UN Volunteer


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