Gazipaşa Forest Management Plans were presented to stakeholders

Sep 26, 2016

Stakeholders meeting on Gazipaşa Forest Management Plans was held in Gazipaşa on 16 August 2016 in the context of the “Mediterranean Integrated Forest Management Project.’’

The objective of the meeting was to gather all the related stakeholders and to inform them about the planning procedures and draft forest functions maps and to get their comments and suggestions on the draft forest functions maps of Gazipaşa Forest District Directorate.

Representatives from the General Directorate of Forestry, UNDP, Nature Conservation Center Foundation, NGOs, mokhtars of some villages and related local government organizations participated to the meeting.

During the meeting, planning principles on ecosystem based multi-purposed management, maps of draft forest functions, objectives and conservation targets of the management plans of Gazipaşa were presented to the participants. Some of the Mokhtars have requested to establish new honey forests for bee-keeping and recreational areas around their villages and to establish new oak stands beyond main forest tree species. There was also a request to establish mulberry forest in the degraded forest lands to utilize from the leaves of the trees for the sericulture.

At the end of the meeting, ideas and comments of the participants were received and discussed in terms of draft forest functions maps. It was decided to further inform and brief the village Mokhtars about the draft determined forest functions of the vicinity of their villages in order to get their final ideas and suggestions.

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