Global campaign brings local actors together in solidarity

Dec 10, 2015

Local actors of change in Turkey embraced the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence. They celebrated the solidarity and used the Campaign to bring local activists together working for a brighter future without violence.

Trabzon City Council Women’s Assembly organized a Women’s Workshop with the support of Trabzon Ortahisar Municipality on the role and effects of women organizations. UNDP supported them on the grassroots women empowerment work with the UN Joint Programme on Women Friendly Cities. The workshop brought all women organizations in the city together and they discussed their gains with the Women Friendly Cities programme, the status of the partnerships between women’s organizations and public institutions, participation of women’s organizations in participatory mechanisms and Local Equality Action Plans.  The outcomes of these discussions were shared on 27 November with the participation of all relevant stakeholders, including the Mayor and Deputy Governor. They announced their road map for participatory and transparent processes in the preparation of local policies, involvement of women in the decision making processes of different institutions and monitoring of local plans and policies with a gender perspective. Right after this, they wore their Orange t-shirts and declare their support to the 16 days of activism campaign.

In Aydın, we supported women to get out the street and walk together to enlighten the darkness where a violence free world is possible. They hold posters with the logos of the 16 Days of Activism Campaign and they shouted to end violence against women.  

UNDP supports women in the Southeast Anatolia to boost their economic prospects, together with the GAP Regional Development Administration (GAP RDA) and with financing from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA). The project works to increase women’s participation in labour markets, re-branding of Southeast Anatolia, and creation of innovative sales and marketing opportunities. It has changed the lives of hundreds of women in the Southeast Anatolia, where the basic development indicators for women today are bleak and violence against them all too pervasive. Argande women in Kilis atelier prepared orange shawls made of kutnu, an authentic handicraft peculiar to the region, to show their support to the Campaign. They expressed their commitment to the global activism for ending violence against women with their artistic work reflected on the shawls.

UNDP also supported Kocaeli Cultural Development and Solidarity Organization (KOGED) who organized an Orange event in a school situated in a low income neighborhood. They gave cards to the school kids and ask them to write their opinions about violence against women and girl children. The students hanged these on a wall and they discussed this topic throughout the day with their teachers and peers.

“I think, it is true to say end violence against women. Because in villages, girl children suffers from the violence and girl children and grown up women are humiliated. Hence, those who use violence against women and girl children should be punished. Kids should go to school.”

Nilüfer Misi Village Women's Cultural and Beneficiary Association joined a charity bazaar in Bursa on 5 December which was organized to contribute to the Rehabilitation Center of persons with spastic disabilities. They dedicated their stand to the Orange Campaign and told everyone in the bazaar why they chose the Orange for the day. They prepared orange and peach jams to show their support to the 16 Days of Activism campaign. They decorated jam jars with orange pinkings. They gave orange pins made of cocoon flower for free to those who bought something from their stand. People were very impressed that a village association supported a global campaign.

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