Misi Village retrieved its first silk after 10 years with “100% Misia” project

20 Aug 2014

Silk House and Cocoon House, silkworm breeding atelier and restaurant, are opened in Misi as places for Misi women to work and be involved in social and economic life.

Bursa - The preparation process for the “100% Misia” project has been finalized. “100% Misia” is one of the first projects granted by the “Future is in Tourism – Sustainable Tourism Support Fund” implemented with the cooperation of Anadolu Efes, Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism and UNDP to support local development, is finalized.

The initial results of the project have been accomplished, which is supported by the Future is in Tourism-Sustainable Tourism Support Fund for increasing women’s employment via reviving the craft of silkworm-breeding which has been the traditional source of income in the region and for bringing the centuries old cultural heritage of Misi Village (now called Gümüştepe) to light.

Silk House and Cocoon House, which are the most important outcomes of the project together with silkworm breeding ateliers and shops, are opened on 20 August with the participation of Murat Bozbey, Mayor of Nilüfer Municipality and media members, as well as executives from Anadolu Efes, Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism and UNDP.

More than home economics

The project aims to be an exemplary tourism model which revives the silkworm breeding, traditional source of income in the region, and support the women’s work.

Women of Misi will earn their income with both producing and selling silk products at the weaving and crafting ateliers in the Silk House and with running the restaurant where they will be serving local foods.

Misi’s tourism potential will come to the forefront

Mustafa Bozbey Mayor of the Nilüfer Municipality stated in his speech at the opening that “As the Nilüfer Municipality, we support women to involve in social and economic life, not keep them at their homes. Misi has the utmost importance in this sense. We aim to put the tourism potential of the region forward. Misi women will make a considerable contribution to this potential. They will support both their families and the local economy with “%100 Misia” project.”

“We maintain the heritage of our ancestors and contribute to our family economy with “100% Misia” project” noted Nagihan Dülger, owner of the project and president of Nilüfer Misi Village Women's Cultural and Beneficiary Association.