UNDP’s photo exhibit presents contributions of protected areas to sustainable development

Jun 12, 2014

UNDP biodiversity photo exhibit “Parks for Development” is featuring successes from the protected area projects financed by GEF and supported by UNDP.

Ankara - One photo from Gökova Bay from Turkey has taken part in this exhibit, which is about UNDP and GEF’s work in marine and coastal protected areas in Turkey.

As humanity develops this planet rapidly, we can easily forget how completely our lives and future depend on nature’s priceless web. Protected areas not only conserve biodiversity, they also secure the wellbeing of humanity itself.

Photo exhibit presents the multiple contributions of protected areas to human wellbeing and sustainable development.

Protected areas also have a role to play in addressing many 21st century challenges—by securing livelihoods, mitigating climate change and promoting resilience. But to fulfill their potential protected areas need to be effectively governed and managed, and sustainably financed.

UNDP with financing from the GEF supports countries to expand and strengthen protected area networks.

UNDP’s strategy, following UNDP’s Biodiversity and Ecosystems Global Framework 2012-2020, is to unlock the potential of terrestrial and marine protected area systems so they are effectively managed and sustainably financed, and contribute to sustainable development.

More than 2,500 marine and terrestrial protected areas and indigenous and community conservation areas—covering 353 million hectares in 102 countries—have benefited from GEF-financed UNDP-supported investments in governance, management effectiveness and livelihood generation.

Better managed, better connected, better governed and better financed protected areas will benefit all and can be engines for local and national development.


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