Social Good Summit İstanbul meet up invited the world to change the perspective

27 Sep 2013

Social Good Summit İstanbul meet-up ended with an invitation to the world to change the perspective in solving our greatest challenges with innovative social good projects for the future we want in 2030.

Photos: Cem Aydın - Engin Güneysu

İstanbul - İstanbul with a one-day meet up joined the rest of the world to talk about how technology, innovations and social media can help with the world greatest challenges.

Organized with partnership of UNDP Turkey, Ericsson, Google, Kadir Has University, Webrazzi and UN Volunteers, the event kicked off on 24 September in Kadir Has University with a focus on youth and

Young leaders, who work in the field of social media, youth studies and innovative technology and who are active citizens making real changes for their society, shared their experiences with the larger audience on their successes, challenges and aspirations for the future.

Change of paradigm is necessary

Giulio Quaggiotto, the Practice Leader of Knowledge and Innovation in UNDP Europe and the CIS Bratislava Regional Centre delivered a keynote speech in the beginning of the meet-up.

He talked about the signs of future around us that is built through social media and new technologies and that can solve our greatest development problems with innovative, simple ideas.

Afterwards, two panels were held in İstanbul meet-up.

Impact of social media on our daily behaviors and the role of active citizens in ensuring better use of the digital tools were among the topics about which are talked during the first panel.

During the second panel, youth and social good are discussed. It is stressed that there is a need for a shift of paradigm to see the youth as active agents, not as end-users, in shaping the world.

There were also discussions on the importance of experience built by youth projects and volunteerism where youth is exclusively enrolled to develop empathy in the society.

The meet-up was live broadcasted

The meet-up was live broadcasted entirely on Google Hangout both in Turkish and in English and in this way it reached to the various parts of Turkey and people have participated to the discussion online.

#Instacorps shared images from SGS meet-up in İstanbul

There were also social media photographers who captured and shared behind-the-scenes images on Instagram from the 2013 Social Good Summit in İstanbul.

These photos were also featured on the screens of New York event and +SocialGood website:

These photographers included Cem Aydın and Engin Güneysu who are professional digital photographers.

You may see the photos on UNDP Turkey’s Instagram account.

Social Good Summit in Istanbul

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