“Life without barriers” project launched

09 Jul 2013

“Life Without Barriers” project which is partnered by Ministry of Family and Social Policies, Peugeot Turkey, Alternative Life Association (AYDER) and UNDP aims to enable the persons with disabilities to be present in all areas of the social life.

New Horizons - The representatives of project partners attended the launch meeting of the “Life Without Barriers” and gave a detailed information on the project.

The General Director of the Peugeot Turkey, Marc Bergeretti, “It is our duty to ensure that the persons with disabilities enjoy the same life spaces as other people do.”

Marc Bergeretti emphasized that they started off with a strong strategy and a firm stance and they will ensure the sustainability of the project which will be an examplary one with its numerous activities.

Kenan Önalan, Ministry Advisor of Generel Directorate of Disabled and Elderly People from the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, said that “the persons with disabilities has been excluded from social life for many years due to the wrong perceptions. There was a huge change in percepton of persons with diabilities in Turkey during the last 10 years.”

Hansın Doğan, Deputy Director of UNDP International Centre for Private Sector in Development, pointed out that UN resolution on rights of persons with disabilities was accepted without being voted on 13 December 2006. After 53 countries including Turkey signed the agreement, it came into force on 3 May 2008.

Ercan Tutal, the founder and head of the AYDER, said that “we, as Alternative Life  Association, have implemented many innovative and sustainable projects for full and equal integration of the disabled people to the society. We do not have any doubt on the fact that we will pioneer many firsts with the partnership with Peugeot and UNDP.”

“Life Without Barriers with Peugeot” project will continue with different activities targeting the sustainable development and removing the barriers.


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