“Golden Compasses” met their owners

09 Jul 2013

The winning projects and institutions of the 12th Golden Compass Awards which is organized by Turkish Pubic Relations Association were announced on the evening of 27 June in İstanbul.

New Horizons - Boyner Holding with “Being a Brand Company for Women Employees” project won the UNDP Special Award which is given to the best sustainable development project.

The Golden Compass Grand Prize was awarded to Anadolu Insurance Company with “One Expert Thousand Experts” project and Yıldız Holding with “Metro Energy Test 2” project.

Simona Marinescu, the Director of the UNDP International Center for Private Sector in Development, parliament members, governers and mayors, jury members, representatives of the public and private sector, professionals on pubic relations, media members, academicians, and young communication experts were attended to the ceremony.

The head of the executive committee, Fügen Töksü said that managers should prioritize public relations as a management policy, and if they benefit from the communication perspective on their management policies and decisions, this will provide them to build the future of their institutions.

There were 145 projects applied to the awards under 16 categories and 12 sub-categories in 12th Golden Compass Public Relations Awards 2013, and as a result 27 projects were awarded.

The winners of the 12th Golden Compass Awards with their institutions, projects and public relations agents:

UNDP Special Award

Being a Brand Company for Women Employees – Boyner Holding

Grand Award

Metro Energy Test 2 – Yıldız Holding

Grand Award

One Master, Thousand Masters – Anadolu Insurance Company, Arpr Communication Consultancy / Lobby Pr

Jury Special Award

Let us make education possible for disabled people, Let’s add value to the society - Bursagaz Association of Education Volunteersi ETİ children theatre, ETİ, Medyaevi Communication

Jeton Radio, (Motto: Radio which brings its listeners to the play) – SHR IGroup of nteractive Companies / Joygame, Aristo Communication Consultancy

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