Argande is the holder of the Special Prize at 2011 Retail Days

21 Oct 2011


Bringing the handwork of women from GAP region together with the designs of master fashion designers and offering to fashion lovers, Argande was awarded with the Special Prize at 2011 Retail Days which was held in İstanbul.

İstanbul - Design coordinator of Argande, also a stylist, Hatice Gökçe said ‘’Argande achieved this prize only after a work of five seasons and one or two years, and this is very valuable to us.’’
This initiative of Argande is based on the manufacture of designs of leading stylists of Turkey by women living in GAP region.

The Project is executed by the cooperation of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and GAP Regional Development Administration and financed by Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

Accomplished by GAP women, Argande designs are offered to fashion lovers at Mudo Stores.

About the Prize

Retail Days; where Argande received the Special Prize is among the leading business organizations of Turkey since 2001.

Under this event; where expert speakers from Turkey and world discuss global improvements in retail world, International İstanbul Retail Conference and İstanbul Retail Exhibition is held during two days.

Within scope of Retail Days event, most successful retail products and retail entrepreneurs are awarded with prizes in 11 categories.

Prizes were given to their owners on Thursday, 20 October 2011- second day of the organization.

Argande received the Special Prize given on behalf of Card Finans, which is one of the main sponsors of 2011 Retail Days.

Developing “Project of Innovations for Improving the Women of GAP Region”, Argande met the audience at İstanbul Fashion Week on 7 September.

What is Argande?

Project of Innovations for Improving the Women of GAP Region has been conducted with the cooperation of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and GAP Regional Development Administration for purpose of improving the women of Southeastern Anatolia Region with regard to social and economic matters since May 2008. The project is funded by Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA). Products of the Project are gathered under the brand of Argande.

The Project intends to ensure participation of women in the labor market, branding of Southeastern Anatolia, and development of new sale and marketing opportunities.

The brand takes its name from Argande, which is the only Goddess of Kommagene Kingdom that ruled on Mesopotamia Territories. Today, it reborns in the hands of women of Southeastern Anatolia.

Supporters of Argande

Various corporations and people act with the awareness of social responsibility with regard to the production and development of the brand. Sale amount of the brand will be conveyed to the women producing the products of Argande brand.

Mudo organized sale booths for Argande products at 15 of its stores. Mudo offers the collection prepared by famous stylists at special show cases and shelves, in order to support the project. Supporting the project without requesting any charge, Mudo contributes to the development of a sustainable source for women of Southeastern Anatolia Region that work at the workshops of Argande.

Demir Tasarım is one of the volunteers for development of Argande brand and preparation of visual and printed documents. İTKİB provided training support at workshops established in Ömerli ÇATOM of Batman and Mardin for production of the collection. Batman Governorship contributed to all stages of the project.

Artistic Director and Choreographer Bilge Tuğsuz offered consultancy service with regard to brand profile during IFW fashion shows and catalogue shootings. Ahu Yağtu, Beril Kayar and Sema Şimşek were the faces of the brand. Gencer Bavbek committed photo shootings of the collection.

Under coordination of Dünya Olgaç, Sortie and Fratelli La Buffalo provided venue for the events of Argande. Ertan Çelikler and Can Hatipoğlu gave support in terms of music, while Jerry provided support for make- up stage.

Stojwilk provided support. İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality provided billboard support for the brand, while İstanbul Fashion Week Committee provided support through fashion parade.

Under brand coordination of Hatice Gökçe, leading designers of the sector including Berna Canok, Gamze Saraçoğlu, Gül Ağış, Mehtap Elaidi, Özgür Masur, Rana Canok and Rojin Aslı Polat develop clothes and accessories for the brand.

Through visibility of local cultural inheritance, the Project intends to ensure branding of the region and contribute to the development of a more positive perception for the region which matches up with local cultural prosperity, diversity and production of women.

Photo Caption:

UNDP Project Manager Gönül Sulargil, with Special Prize of Retail Days. 20 September 2011, İstanbul

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