Corporate responsibility trainings from the Rotary and UNDP

13 Oct 2011


‘Corporate Responsibility for a Sustainably Competitive Turkey Project’ was started with the signatures of 80 chairmen of the Rotary and Governer of the region 2420 in 17th September to the contract of ‘Global Compact’.

Ankara - With those signatures, a highly important contribution was provided to the United Nations Global Compact.

The project aims to increase the level of knowledge of social responsibility principles of the companies via reaching the ten thousands of SME’s through local seminars in 81 provinces.

Within the context of the project, a series of principles in the field of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption are targeted to be incorporated to the business process of the enterprises in Anatolia.

By means of the project, it is aimed to both improve the environment and social impact of the companies and increase the competitiveness of businesses in national and international markets.

Training for Trainers

The project which is planned to be conducted with the support of the 40 Rotarians, who were trained in the UNDP Istanbul International Center for Private Sector in Development is the only nation-wide operation in this field.

Within the project which will be financed by the Rotary and will last for 2 years, there will be cooperation with the Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey, Chambers of Industry and Commerce, local professional associations and institutions.

Through 100 seminars in 81 cities, it is aimed to train the SMEs and conduct studies to confine the present structure of Turkey in terms of compliance with the CSR principles on environment, labour standards, human rights and anti-corruption.

Within the context of the initiative, a solution assessment seminar will be held at the end of trainings, which will provide a strategic road-map for the advancement of the CSR compliance in Turkey.

Preparing and presenting of public policy recommendations, which define the support mechanisms that are needed for the sustainability in the SME’s, with the data gathered from the enterprises in Anatolia, are also among the objectives of the project

With the project, it is expected providing of opportunity in many subjects which are ranged from increasing the brand value and reputation of the companies to creating of new job opportunities through the interaction with social partners.