Ban calls developed countries to help refugees

20 Jun 2011


UN Secretery-General Ban Ki-moon released a message due to the World Refugee Day indicating that aid for refugees should be undertaken evenly by the whole world.

Ban Ki-moon
UN Secretary-General

New York - Ban reminds in his message that this year as the 60th anniversary of both the 1951 Refugee Convention, and the establishment of UNHCR, the UN refugee agency and said: “The work of helping the world's refugees and other forcibly displaced people has not grown easier despite all that years passed”.

“The major cause of displacement is war” Secretery-General said adding: “on the ground of prolonged conflicts or instability in places such as Somalia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq and Afghanistan to the crises in North Africa and the Middle East, the number of refugees has reached 44 million.”

Ban addressed some other factors in today's world cause people to leave their settlements by saying: “Traditionally, UNHCR has been called on to help those fleeing conflict and persecution. Today, more and more people are leaving their homes because of poverty, environmental degradation, natural disasters and climate change.”
By emphasizing recognition of the imbalance in the burden of helping displaced populations, he said: “Poor countries host vastly more displaced people than wealthier ones. Anti-refugee sentiment is often loudest in industrialized countries, yet it is actually developing countries that host 80 percent of the world's refugees.”

Nobody wants to be a refugee said Ban adding: “There are millions of them ... children, women and men who have been forced from their homes, often at risk of their lives and who want nothing more than to go home or start afresh.”

Secretaey-General called everyone to think about the people who are going without the basics of life that others take for granted such as food, shelter and warmth.

“Let us not allow our common humanitarian values should ever be ignored.", he concluded.