S-UN Fund’s call for proposals to youth

01 Jan 2010


The Swiss-UN Fund, popularly known as S-UN Fund for Youth, continues with a second call for grant applications. Young women and men from 15 to 26 years of age and residing in Adana, Balıkesir or Kocaeli can submit their applications until 26 February 2010.

Young women and men in Adana, Balıkesir and Kocaeli can apply for funds up to USD 20,000 for their projects aiming at social integration of young migrant populations, enhancing cultural dialogue and tolerance among youth groups, creating new employment opportunities in culture and tourism sectors and utilizing information and communication technologies in their cities.

The eligible persons should submit their proposals in partnership with a civil society organization or a public institution in their cities. Youth groups which cannot find a project partner are welcomed to apply jointly with the Youth Centers in their cities. Young applicants can also receive project development trainings and support from the Youth Centers.

The S-UN Fund is a grant and technical support programme entrusted to UNDP by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). The Youth Services Department under the General Directorate of Youth and Sports is responsible for the implementation of the Fund. S-UN Fund for Youth provides grants up to $ 20.000 for initiatives of young women and men from 15 to 26 years of age in the pilot provinces. Following the first term of applications in 2009, a total number of 20 youth projects received financial support from the S-UN Fund. A total of 51 young women and 57 young men took part in the implementation of awarded projects while a total number of 570 young women and 757 young men participated in project activities on the ground.