They are swimming from Asia to Europe

01 Jul 2009


The strokes of Yasemin and Hande who want to contribute to social responsibility projects, will help in the growth and development of the Altenrative Camp and provide free summer vacations as well as trainings at the art camp for disabled and socially disadvantaged youth. 


In the race between Meis - Kaş on 28 June, Yasemin took 3rd place overall by completing the race in 3 hours and 3 minutes. Hande ranked first in her age group with 3 hours and 45 minutes.


The 21st International Swimming, Canoeing and Sailing Race from Asia to Europe organized by the Turkish National Olympics Committee will take place on Sunday 19 July 2009. 


Funds will be generated for the Dreams Academy, Alternative Camp and “I Want to Work” campaign.


The 6 500 meter track will take approximately 13 000 strokes to complete.


The socially disabled Dreams Academy students will learn how to swim, become active and receive arts training in areas of their choice by joining the Alternative Camp.

For more information please visit the Dreams Academy website.