"Water Exhibit" in Istanbul

05 Feb 2009

Water Exhibit prepared by the American Museum of Natural History has been brought to Turkey under the framework of the partnership initiative between UNDP and The Coca-Cola Company.

Held as part of the events of the 5th World Water Forum, the exhibit at İstanbul Technical University, Maslak Campus, Natural History and Science Museum will be open until June 14.

After the official inauguration ceremony of the exhibit on March 18, there was a “policy dialogue” event of UNDP at the exhibit on March 19. At UNDP’s event, water and development were discussed followed by a reception.

The Water Exhibit, previously held at American Museum of Natural History in New York between November 3 2007 – May 26 2008 and later in Singapore, will be presented in South America, Asia, Australia and North America by 2011.

The Main Goal is to Increase Awareness to Conserve Water

The Water Exhibit, which aims to contribute to protection of water resources, presents interactive installations to help people of all ages to discover characteristics and miracles of water. Demonstrating the significance of water in human life, the Exhibit consists of 10 parts which include disparate living things that collect, store and use water in a unique way, information regarding amount of water in different parts of our planet, people’s habits on water usage, examples of accessing clean water and local stories of people.

Programme of the UNDP’s event held on March 19:




Shuttle from Sütlüce (WWF 2009 to ITU Maslak-Water Exhibit), the ride takes approx 1hour.


Welcome Ceremony

Ms C. Sultanoglu, UNDP Deputy Director RBEC

Mr. Jeff Seabright, TCCC Chief Environment and Sustainability


Interactive Policy dialogue. Moderator Mr. Joakim Harlin


Short introductions from each panelist, discussion on a few key issues, Q & A with the floor.

·         Cap-Net, Mr Paul Taylor

·         Water Governance Facility, Mr Håkan Tropp

·         GoAL  WaSH, Mr Alastair Morrison

·         Every Drop Matters, Mr Bogachan Benli

·         International Waters Programme, Mr Andrew Hudson

·         Community Water Initiative, Ms Sulan Chen


Walk through Water: H20 = Life Exhibit


Reception. Interactive viewing of the Water Wiki for those interested.


Shuttle from Water Exhibit– Taksim Square