10 thousand postcards to the Environment Minister for Gediz

25 Mar 2008

Young people in Manisa took action for the Gediz River that has been polluted by wastes for years. Young people who initiated the “Clean Gediz” project in the context of the Life Plus Youth Programme received the full support of the locals in Manisa. Thousands of postcards that were signed were sent to the Environment Minister.


The public is being expected to take action against the pollution in the Gediz River through the “Clean Gediz” project supported by the Life Plus Youth Programme established by UNDP and Coca-Cola Turkey. The locals of Manisa gave great support to the signature campaign initiated by youth to restore Gediz  - that has been polluted for years by several elements particularly by industrial and domestic wastes -  to its former days. 10 thousand postcards that included the messages of “We want to fish and picnic in Gediz” were sent to the Minister of Enviroment.


In the context of the “Clean Gediz” initiated with the support of the Life Plus Youth Programme, youth started their work by collecting information and documents on pollution. In the process of establishing a Gediz Archive, training workshops to increase competency in terms of environment were organized and photo shoots strikingly picturing the current situation of Gediz were realized. The photographs were taken by photo artist Birol Üzmez who came third in Turkey at the National Geographic Competition last year.


The postcards prepared by youth in Manisa Metin Kavalalı, Sibel Polater, Onur Can Doğan and Gizem Korkut for a project executed in the context of the Aegean Culture, Environment and Peace Association were sent to everyone, several schools, districts and the number of signatures reached 10 thousand.


About the Life Plus Youth Programme


The Life Plus Youth Programme is calling youth all over Turkey to consider environmental and societal problems, to develop projects for their solutions and to realize their projects in a participatory manner in the context of local civil society organizations since 2005. Youth in the 16-26 age group who trnasform solutions into projects, are receiving financial aid varying between 5-50 thousand dollars as well as consultancy services on project design, implementation and ensuring the sustainability of its impacts. The selection of projects in the “Life Plus” programme established by Coca-Cola Turkey and UNDP are being realized in two phases in a technical and content evaluation process. Hundreds of young people reached tens of thousands of people with 31 projects in 23 cities in 3 years.