Derviş signs agreement with Blacksea Economic Cooperation Organisation in Istanbul

26 Jun 2007

Kemal Dervis, Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme and Ambassador Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos, Secretary General of the Organisation of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation will sign a Cooperation Agreement on June 28, 2007, in Istanbul. The overall objective of the Agreement is to strengthen cooperation between the two organizations in several areas.

Ankara - The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Organisation of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) will be signing an Agreement on Cooperation on June 28, 2007, at the BSEC Headquarters, in Istanbul. The Agreement will be signed by the Administrator of UNDP, Kemal Dervis and Secretary General of BSEC, Ambassador Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos. The ceremony, which will take place at 14.00 o'clock , will be open to media members.

The Agreement will build on the existing ongoing partnership between UNDP and BSEC, under the Black Sea Trade and Investment Promotion Programme (BSTIP). The BSTIP is expected to promote regional economic development, develop trade and investment linkages between BSEC Member States with positive impact on the reduction of poverty and offer improved political dialogue among the twelve BSEC countries . Increased trade and investment links will be generated with the private sector of the region and new partnerships will be developed with business support organizations. The beneficiaries of the programme will be small and medium enterprises, and special emphasis will be given to enterprises managed by young and women entrepreneurs. The BSTIP is co-financed by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Greek Ministry of Economy and Finance, UNDP and BSEC.

The signing of this Agreement will contribute to a more enabling environment for UNDP and BSEC, in partnership with other organisations, to further pursue the promotion and implementation of regional projects as a means for regional cooperation and development. In particular, further cooperation will be pursued in areas of common interests to both organisations, in line with the following main areas identified in the Agreement on Cooperation: Poverty Reduction, Regional Integration, Capacity Building, Good Governance, Gender Equality, Crisis Prevention and Recovery, Information and Communication Technology for Development, and Energy and Environment. The UNDP Liaison Unit, based in the BSEC Secretariat, and established within the framework of the BSTIP, will play a crucial role in facilitating this process.

UNDP Administrator Kemal Derviş stated that UNDP is very proud of and attaches great importance to the present cooperation with BSEC under the Black Sea Trade and Investment Promotion Programme and sees this cooperation as a first step towards further cooperation in other areas of common interests to each organization.

The signing of the Agreement on Cooperation between UNDP and BSEC could not have come at a more opportune moment, considering the growing importance that is being attached to the Black Sea Region by the international community and the enormous potential of economic cooperation that is yet to be realized within the region. The signing of this Agreement also comes just after the 15th Anniversary Summit (BSEC Heads of State) of the Organisation of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation which took place on June 25, 2007 in Istanbul .

Date: 28 June 2007

Time: 14.00

Address: BSEC Permanent International Secretariat

Sakıp Sabancı Cad, M. Fuat Paşa Yalısı, Eski Tersane,

34460, İstanbul