First forum on "Localising the Millenium Development Goals in Turkey" held in Ankara

11 Nov 2005

A roundtable meeting on "Localising the Millenium Development Goals in Turkey" was held on November 11th in Ankara. The opening speech of the meeting was made by deputy Prime Minister and State Minister Abdulatif Sener, who stated that the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs), which cover all social development issues, should be adopted and implemented in the best possible way. "Our government has already adopted the Millennium Development Goals and published the National Report. However, it is not enough to address this issue only at local level, but efforts are needed at the local level as well," the Minister said.

After Sener's speech, UNDP Representative Jakob Simonsen pointed out the aspects regarding the significance of localizing MDGs (for the full speech please click here), Local Agenda 21 National Coordinator Sadun EMREALP gave information about the LA21 program.

During the roundtable discussion, Kemal Madenoglu General Director of the State Planning Organisation underlined the basic principles of the MDGs in addition to giving information on Turkey's performance towards achieving these goals. Mustafa YARDIMCI - Head of Department, the Ministry of Interior, Directorate-General of the Local Authorities gave a speech on "City Councils as a mechanism for "governance." He said " The cooperation between NGOs and government organizations have been enhanced." Dafina GERCHEVA - Capacity 2015 Coordinator of UNDP Bratislava talked about "Experiences with Localising the MDGs in Eastern Europe and the CIS." She pointed out steps for localizing MDGs such as setting core principles, awareness raising, basic line assessment, setting priorities, designing and implementation of the action plan and monitoring and reviewing process.

The "Localising the MDGs in Turkey" roundtable that was the first forum to discuss with national stakeholders and representatives of the international community how Turkey can further its MDG achievements by addressing local challenges to poverty. The UNDP cooperates with the State Planning Organisation and the United Cities and Local Governments in exploring ways to "localise the MDGs" in Turkey, based on the momentum of Turkey's dynamic Local Agenda 21 Program.

The Millennium Development Goals, or MDGs, were agreed to by 191 nations in September 2000 at the United Nations Millennium Summit. They are an ambitious agenda for reducing poverty and improving lives at the national and global levels alike. In Turkey, the State Planning Organisation released the MDG Report in June 2005. Turkey's MDG Report identifies and addresses Turkey's development through disaggregated statistics as relevant to issues related to poverty, gender, environment, and education.