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UNDP Turkey celebrates its first Goodwill Ambassador Mert Fırat

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Turkey appointed regionally acclaimed actor Mert Fırat, best known for his starring roles on Başka…

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Conference on Sustainable Tourism for Development held in Izmir

Sustainable tourism was discussed in all aspects in the Conference on Sustainable Tourism for Development held in Izmir on 13 April 2018.  

“Role Model Meetings” In The Scope Of Turkey’s Engineer Girls Project High School Program Have Started

Turkey’s Engineer Girls (TEG) Project has been conducted in collaboration with Ministry of Family and Social Policy, Ministry of Education, Limak Foundation and United Nations Development Program…  

Young Syrians and locals created practical solutions for the needs of the world with universal coding language

Investment in youth pays off! After seven months of hard work and dedication, a group of 28 students, a mix of Syrians and locals graduated the Android Bootcamp, with the ability to work as…  

Consultations with the Chambers of Industry continues at full speed

Consultations with the Chambers of Industry continues within the scope of the Total Factor Productivity (TFP) Project, which is being implemented to define the obstacles in front of economic…  

Total Factor Productivity International Conference completed succesfully

An International Conference was held in Istanbul within the context of the “Support to Development of a Policy Framework for Total Factor Productivity in Turkey Project”, which is financed by the EU…  

Green Paper waits for public contributions

The Green Paper, which was prepared within the context of “Total Factor Productivity (TFP) Project” and consists of due diligence and policy recommendations to increase the contribution of total…  

Turkish Seas Under Threat of Invasive Alien Species

Biggest threat to biodiversity: Invasive alien species in Turkey and how to fight against  

UNDP and Government of Turkey Further Advances the Cooperation of 6 Years

The Annual Partnership Dialogue was held between Turkey and UNDP, discussing the new ideas and enlargement of partnership areas in the 6th year of UNDP and Government of Turkey partnership.  

Future is in Tourism at Travelexpo Fair

Contributing to Turkey’s efforts in sustainable tourism, increasing employment and emphasising tourism’s contribution in local development, “Future is in Tourism” project draws great interest in…  

Turkey’s Engineer Girls Now In High Schools

Turkey’s Engineer Girls project, which provides scholarships and education for girls studying engineering at universities, starts its high school programme.  

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