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Certain works for development touch more areas than intended or anticipated. Integrated forest management is one such example. This approach holds a…

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Turkish Businesses Created the World's Largest Network Against Disasters and Emergencies

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in cooperation with Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation (TURKONFED) introduces the international platform “Connecting Business initiative…  

TÜRKONFED ve UNDP İşletmeleri Afet Ve Acil Durumlara Karşı Hazırlayacak

TÜRKONFED ve UNDP, Türkiye’deki işletmeleri deprem, yangın, sel ve mülteci krizi başta olmak üzere doğal afet ile karmaşık acil durumlara karşı hazırlayacak bir platform kurdu.  

EU-funded Turkey Resilience Project in Response to the Syria Crisis (TRP) officially launches in Ankara

Turkey Resilience Project in response to the Syria Crisis (TRP), financed by EU and implemented by UNDP, was officially launched in Ankara with a high-level event.  

Kemaliye Poised To Be An Example Of Sustainable Community Based Tourism By Its Destination Management Organisation

A two-day workshop was organised at Kemaliye Culture House with the participation of civil society organisations, local entrepreneurs, local government, academicians, students, UNDP representatives…  

Study Visit Paid to Germany Aachen for Digital Supply Chain Management

A study visit was organized to Aachen, Germany with the theme of “Digitalization at the Company Level and Digital Supply Chain Management” within the context of “The Support to Development of a Policy…  

Turkey's Freshwater Ecosystems are Under Threat

Türü zenginliği bakımından en zengin ve en çok tehdit altındaki ekosistemler olan tatlı su ekosistemleri yerkürenin %1’inden daha azını kaplıyor.  

Social Good Summit Istanbul 2018

Social Good Summit Istanbul 2018 was held in Hilton Bosphorus Conference Hall, with a large participation from business people, academicians, civil society, press and arts community.  

KFW, İŞKUR and UNDP Joined Their Forces to Facilitation of Creating Skilled Labour Force

Within the Employment and Skills Development Project’s Component I, implemented by the Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and financed by German…  

5th Social Good Summit in Turkey is on 15 October 2018

Celebrities supporting social causes and influential activists to speak in day-long event to elevate solutions to leave no one behind.  

Wide inequalities in people’s well-being cast a shadow on sustained human development progress

Wide inequalities in people’s well-being cast a shadow on sustained human development progress According to the latest Human Development Index, people living in the very high human development…  

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