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  • Çanakkale, Perşembe (Ordu) and Şile (İstanbul) said The Future is in Tourism! Dec 28, 2017

    The projects that are going to be supported by “Future is in Tourism” in 2018 that to contributes to sustainable tourism activities in our country, to increase employment in the tourism sector and to draw attention to the local development aspect of tourism have been determined.

  • Project Led by Kalder Has Started Dec 1, 2017

    A pilot project led by the Turkish Quality Association (KALDER) was initiated to measure the effectiveness of the EFQM Excellence Model on institutionalization within the context of the Support to Development of a Policy Framework for Total Factor Productivity in Turkey Project.

  • Search Conference for garment sector held in İstanbul Dec 1, 2017

    The Search Conference on “Establishing an Open Supply Chain in Garment Sector” was held in Istanbul within the context of Support to Development of a Policy Framework for Total Factor Productivity in Turkey Project, which is financed by the EU and the Republic of Turkey, implemented by the UNDP with the Ministry of Development as the final beneficiary.

  • Embrace the SDGs and Enhance the Cooperation: “Towards Achieving the SDGs in Turkey: Technical Workshop for the Ministry of Development” Dec 1, 2017

    “Towards Achieving the SDGs in Turkey: Technical Workshop for the Ministry of Development” was held in Ankara on 28-30 November 2017. The training event for a more comprehensive understanding of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Turkey has been concluded with the participations from Ministry of Development, Turkstat, UNDP, UNICEF, UNW, UNHCR, UNFPA, UN RCO and IOM which are the key institutions in the process of achieving SDGs. For 3 days, participants put emphasis on the motto of “leave no one behind” and trainers from various backgrounds presented on very extensive issues within Turkey.

  • Trade and development agencies join forces to boost Central Asia’s capacity to export Nov 23, 2017
  • End Violence against Women Nov 22, 2017

    United Nations in Turkey is calling on everyone in Turkey to support the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, a global campaign spanning from 25 November through 10 December.

  • Music Without Borders Nov 8, 2017

    On 8th of November, United Nations Volunteers Programme in Turkey has organized the music concert, “Music without Borders – A Concert of Hope” in cooperation with UNHCR and Kecioren Municipality. Music has always been powerful partners to the cause of justice because it shares an ability to stir something deep within us.

  • Kemaliye will set an example for sustainable community based tourism Nov 1, 2017

    Within the scope of Capacity Development for Sustainable Community Based Tourism, which is conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and UNDP, a meeting was held in Kemaliye, Erzincan with participation of the representatives of the NGOs, local enterprises, academicians, students and UNDP.

  • “Global Agendas, Local Voices, Local Actions” at 4th World Forum of Local Economic Development Nov 1, 2017

    The 4th World Forum of Local Economic Development was held in Praia, the Cabo Verde on 17-20 October 2017, and was attended by the more than 2500 participants representing public institutions, private sector, academia and civil society organizations all across the globe.

  • Support to regional resilience with universal language: Şanlıurfa Android Coding Bootcamp kicked off! Nov 1, 2017

    Android Coding Bootcamp kicked off in Şanlıurfa. 30 young Syrian and Turkish people will attend the courses to learn universal language of coding and work on building apps for 7 months in Andorid Coding Bootcamp hosted by Harran University and offerred by Re:Coded and Bilgi University technical partnership.

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