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  • Turkey ranks 71st by Human Development Index Mar 21, 2017

    Turkey’s Human Development Index (HDI) value for 2015 is 0.767— which put the country in the high human development category— positioning it at 71 out of 188 countries and territories.

  • İnsani Gelişme Raporu 2016 Stockholm’de açıklanacak Mar 20, 2017

    2016 İnsani Gelişme Raporu Küresel lansmanı, Birleşmiş Milletler Kalkınma Programı (UNDP) Başkanı Helen Clark ve İnsani Gelişme Raporu Ofisi Direktörü Selim Jahan’ın katılımlarıyla 21 Mart tarihinde İsveç’in başkenti Stockholm’de yapılacak.

  • Waste Managment for Host Communities Project Opening Mar 20, 2017

    The project of “Effective urban waste management for host communities”, funded by the United States and implemented by the UNDP, has been supporting the construction of a waste transfer station in Fevzipaşa, Gaziantep. The inauguration ceremony of the station on 20 March 2017, was held with the participation of Mr. Deniz Köken, General Secretary of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Mr. Ramazan Yıldırım, Islahiye District Governor, Mr. Kemal Vural, Islahiye District Mayor, Linda Specht, Principal Officer at U.S. Adana Consulate and Mr. Claudio Tomasi, UNDP Country Director.

  • 3. İstanbul Kalkınma Diyalogları Basın Daveti Mar 20, 2017

    BM Kalkınma Programı’nın (UNDP) İstanbul’da bulunan Avrupa ve Bağımsız Devletler Topluluğu (BDT) Bölgesel Merkezi tarafından üçüncü kez düzenlenen İstanbul Kalkınma Diyalogları, bu yıl kalkınma yolculuğunun önündeki risklere karşı dayanıklılığın nasıl inşa edilebileceği temasına eğiliyor.

  • UNV Call for Proposal Mar 10, 2017

    The United Nations Volunteers Programme invites civil society organizations to apply for funding for projects, under the Small-scale initiative call.

  • New species were found in pilot project sites Mar 8, 2017

    Biodiversity assessments were done through field research in Forestry Directorates of Köyceğiz, Gazipaşa, Gülnar, Pos, Andırın, which are the pilot sites of Integrated Forest Management Project.

  • Company visits and surveys are about to be completed in Total Factor Productivity Project Mar 8, 2017

    Financed by the EU, implemented by the UNDP and with the Ministry of Development as the final beneficiary “Support to Development of a Policy Framework for Total Factor Productivity in Turkey Project” is coming to an end regarding the company visits and surveys.

  • A socio-economic survey for forest villagers is started Mar 8, 2017

    A socio-economic survey is started to identify the socio-demographic profiles of forest villagers who live within the borders of forestry directorates of the pilot sites of Integrated Forest Management Project, as well as to conduct clustering analyses for these villages and finally contribute to forestry policies regarding to region.

  • Project on Promoting Energy-Efficient Motors in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises is started Mar 8, 2017

    In Turkey 30-35% of total electricity consumption is represented by industry. It is estimated that 70% of energy consumption in industry is by electric motor-driven systems.

  • Integrated Forest Management Project supports education of primary education students Mar 8, 2017

    An on-line education system for students is created in the context of Integrated Forest Management Project which is being implemented by General Directorate of Forestry with financial support of GEF (Global Environment Facility) and in cooperation with UNDP.