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Certain works for development touch more areas than intended or anticipated. Integrated forest management is one such example. This approach holds a…

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UNDP Turkey Goodwill Ambassador Mert Fırat meets Syrians learning Turkish

UNDP Turkey Goodwill Ambassador Mert Fırat visited the Turkish language course for adults attended by Syrians at the Public Education Centre in Zeytinburnu, Istanbul  

UN Youth Volunteers from 13 Countries Met in Istanbul

UNV Turkey organized UN Youth Volunteers Regional Workshop in Istanbul, Turkey between 25-28 February 2019.  

Spreading Seeds of Hope Through Language Education for Refugees

Education means hope for refugees fleeing war, conflict or natural disasters. Language training is key for building hope, self-reliance and self-sufficiency for individuals who took shelter in a whole…  

Turkey’s Butterflies Field Guide

Turkey is a country of prime importance for butterflies throughout Europe. With its more than 380 species, it hosts higher butterfly richness than any European country. Some of its regions host as…  

Resilient nations can only be built by empowered women

UNDP Turkey celebrated the International Women’s Day with an inspiring social media campaign. Two videos and a “Songs from Women” playlist were shared with the public to remind once again that…  

Turkish Language Trainings start at 53 Public Education Centers under “Turkey Resilience Project in response to the Syria Crisis (TRP)”

Turkish language trainings start for adult Syrians under Temporary Protection in Turkey, within the framework of “Turkey Resilience Project in Response to the Syria Crisis (TRP)”, implemented by the…  

2019 Human Development Report to focus on inequality

The report, to be released in the last quarter of the year, will provide a comprehensive picture of the many forms of inequality that are shaping the 21st Century.  

Yayla Lake Covered With Ice, Looks Like Postcard

Yayla Lake is located in the Buldan district of Denizli and 180 bird species call it home. The lake was covered with 15 centimeters of ice and the image of birds on the postcard-like setting became a…  

Use Energy-Efficient Motors Stand Up for Your Energy!

T.R. Ministry of Industry and Technology and UNDP Turkey started a project in 2017 to increase the use of energy-efficient electric motors in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Turkey:…  

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