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A Fashionable Development in Turkey

The initiative, called Argande, was supported by the GAP Regional Development Administration, UNDP and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) within the scope of the 'Innovations for Women's Empowerment in Southeast Anatolia' project. The regional fashion brand was named after amore


An earthy alternative to chemical fertilizers

Earthworms are providing farmers with an appealing, organic alternative to chemical fertilizers in a part of Turkey that suffers from high levels of land and water pollution - with 45 farmers piloting the use of fertilizer made from earthworm waste in western Turkey’s Gediz River basin. In recent yemore


Global Meeting point: styleturkish.com

Turkish Fashion Industry had been producing for global brands before the styleturkish.com, as an international supplier; it had been able to brand itself abroad through its own collections and had been able to make exports amounts more than 15 billion dollars annually. The sector has succeeded in bemore


Welcome to Uzundere, the Secret Gem of Çoruh Valley

Firdevs is a young woman living in Uzundere, a small rural town in the Coruh Valley in Eastern Anatolia, Turkey. After leaving her hometown for five years to find a job, she found an opportunity to return back home. Firdevs and her friends now work in a women-led association to create an added-valuemore

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