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  • Strawberries of Sason, which provides employment to 353 families in Batman's Sason province and gets reputation for being peculiar to this region, gave its name to a primary school in a village of Sason.

  • Back in 2009, female entrepreneurs in Turkey, with the help of the country’s fashion industry have created an innovative new apparel line - one that also boosts the economic prospects for women in Turkey’s Southeast Anatolia region.

  • Halil Ünsal is a college graduate with a background in finance. During college, although he was taking intensive math and business courses, he was not confident that he was learning how to manage his own personal finances, let alone understand the broader concepts behind financial management.

  • Can an internet portal change the ways of foreign trade in Turkey’s textile industry for the benefit of the businesses based in disadvantageous regions? This article attempts to tell the story before and after such a portal was set up with UNDP’s contributions.

  • Earthworms are providing farmers with an appealing, organic alternative to chemical fertilizers in a part of Turkey that suffers from high levels of land and water pollution - with 45 farmers piloting the use of fertilizer made from earthworm waste in western Turkey’s Gediz River basin.

  • Meltem Şengün Ucal, a social scientist and professor at Kadir Has University in Istanbul, brings a different perspective on energy efficiency through a research project raising awareness among female consumers and children.

  • Ankara holds a building, newly completed but not renowned as it deserves: the building of Cezeri Green Technology Technical and Industrial Vocational High School. This building was built with the integrated building design technique, first ever applied in Turkey.

  • Human bond with soil may at times be challenging and toilsome as it may well be necessary and rewarding. This is the case in Artvin, a place different than the Black Sea climate-wise and geographically.

  • Mehmet Doğan is a fisherman in Akyaka, a coastal township in southwestern Turkey. He had worries whether he or his children can continue depending on fishing for a decent life as animal species and their habitats are endangered due to over exploitation of resources and overutilization of coastal areas he is living in.

  • Turkey is well known as one of the cradles of human civilization, bridging Europe and Asia. But it is also home to a rich array of plant, animal and other species, with three globally recognized biodiversity hotspots. Caring for its natural resources, in the face of a worldwide decline in species, is a national and global priority.

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