Inclusive and Sustainable Growth

Inclusive and Sustainable Growth portfolio aims to address structural issues critical to national competitiveness, paying full attention to inclusiveness and sustainability.More

Our Goals

UNDP’s project based support to the Turkish Government particularly aims at increasing the competitive strength of disadvantaged regions including Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia. Such strength is attained by providing technical support in selected sectors such as organic agriculture, tourism and renewable energies.more

Reducing regional disparities

UNDP aims to increase the competitive strength of Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions of Turkey by providing technical support in selected sectors such as organic agriculture, tourism and renewable energies.For more information

Our Stories

Photo: Levent Kulu

Strawberry means sustainable development and employment

For the local people in Batman, strawberry now means employment and sustainable development. Hence, the primary school of Yeniköy village in Batman, where the first strawberrymore 

Sustainable tourism offers new opportunities for women and for local development in Turkey

Misi, Asiye’s small, charming village with 1,200 residents and an ancient history, has great potential for attracting visitors from nearby Bursa, the fourth largest city inmore 

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Projects and Initiatives

  • Organic Agriculture Cluster Project

    The purpose of the Project is to increase the competitiveness of the organic agriculture sector in the Region (especially in Şanlıurfa) through activating the regional organic agriculture cluster and improving the local business environment by establishing an innovation and information centre, establishing best practices (pilot and demonstrative actions), and building local capacities, and by promoting the region nationally and internationally.more 

  • Utilization of Renewable Energy Resources and Increasing Energy Efficiency in Southeast Anatolia Region, Phase 2

    The overall objective, towards which the Project will contribute, is to improve the competitiveness of the Southeast Anatolia Region in a sustainable and socially equitable manner by improving the capacity for better utilization of renewable energy resources and by increasing the energy efficiency in the Southeast Anatolia Region.more 

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