UNV in Turkey

United Nations Volunteers (UNV), with its head quarters in Bonn, Germany, is represented around the world through UNV field units that are incorporated into the UNDP country offices.  In Turkey the first UNV field unit was established in 2011. It is based in Ankara.

The role of the UNV field unit in Turkey is to implement the key UNV objectives: to promote volunteering in Turkey and integration of volunteering into development programming, raising awareness of volunteer contribution to development, and to advocate for recognition of volunteering in the country.

One key task of the UNV field unit is to ensure quality volunteer management and support to all serving UN Volunteers in the country. Field unit provides briefing, induction and training to UN Volunteers, as well as continuous support and advice during assignments.

UNV field office can also provide strategic assistance and advice to other UN agencies or other organisations on the role and contributions of volunteering towards development goals and how volunteering can be integrated into development policies, strategies and programmes.

To optimize the impact of volunteerism for peace and development, UNV field unit collaborates with any relevant partners that work in the field of volunteering and active civil society: government and other public sector organisations, UN agencies, civil society organisations and individual citizens. UNV Turkey is particularly interested in working with others to create an environment and infrastructure that enables volunteering to take place in the society.

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