UN Volunteers frequently asked questions

Are UN Volunteers staff members of the United Nations?

No. UN Volunteers serve for a limited period of time on a specific assignment. Their conditions of service differ from those of UN staff. However, UNV volunteers and UN staff share common goals such as supporting peace and development.

Do UN Volunteers receive any financial or other benefits?

The key benefit of being UN Volunteer is the personal satisfaction the volunteer assignment brings to you as you make a positive impact on peace and development.

However, we support you during your assignment in several ways, such as through a monthly volunteer living allowance, annual leave and medical insurance.

Do you accept open applications for UNV assignments?

No. To apply for international UNV assignments, you have to register through our website. For national assignments in Turkey, we specifically advertise in the website of relevant host agencies.

Can I volunteer for 2 hours a week?

UNV assignments are full-time assignments, and require commitment for a number of months. Typical length of an assignment is 1-2 years.

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