How to apply

1.    The Project proponent – a national CBO or  NGO – contacts the SGP National Coordinator to receive project application guidelines and forms

2.    With assistance from the National Coordinator the proponent prepares a brief project concept paper and submits this to the coordinator

3.    The national coordinator reviews and pre-screens the concept paper according to see if it meets the GEF SGP criteria and other criteria adopted by the NSC for activities in that country and explain in the Country Programme Strategy ( CPS)

4.    If the programme judged eligible, the project proponent prepares a project proposal; in some cases, this step may be supported by a planning grant

5.    Completed project proposals are submitted by the National Coordinator to the NSC.

6.    The NSC reviews the proposal and either accepts it, rejects it, or returns it to the proposer with a request that further work to be done on formulating and refining the project data.

7.    Approved proposals enter the national SGP work programme. SGP grants are usually paid in three installments: an up-front payment to initiate the project; a mid-term payment upon receipt of a satisfactory progress report; and a final payment on receipt of a satisfactory project completion and final report

When to apply

You can find the Call for project proposals listed in the

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