What we do

UNDP Turkey works for progress in three core areas: inclusive and sustainable growth; inclusive and democratic governance; and climate change and environment. In addition to these core areas, UNDP Turkey is emphasizing the role of women, private sector, capacity development, and information and communication technologies in its policies and programmes. To achieve progress in these areas, UNDP seeks to establish partnerships with the central government, local administrations, civil society, academia and private sector to strengthen its contribution to Turkey's development.

Our Goals

UNDP is the UN's global development network, an organization advocating for change and connecting countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life. We are on the ground in 177 countries and territories, including Turkey, working with them on their own solutions to global and national development challenges.

Promoting gender in development

We recognize gender as a cross cutting issue that should be mainstreamed in all programmatic areas of interventions. As a result of UNDP’s work towards the promotion of gender equality in Turkey UNDP's contributions have been recognized by the Turkish Government, NGOs, academia, and beneficiaries.more

Our Stories
    Projects and Initiatives
    • Employment and Skills Development Project - Component 1

      The objective of the project is to support Syrians and vulnerable host community members to enter the local labour market.

    • Employment and Skills Development Project - Component 2

      The project is developed to stimulate job creation through providing capability development services focusing on productivity and competitiveness to SMEs.

    • Future is in Tourism

      Future Lies in Tourism Support Fund aims to strengthen capacity of local tourism actors and NGOs to contribute to the sustainable tourism development through partnerships with public and private institutions.

    • Increasing Border Surveillance Capacity of Borders between Turkey and Greece Project

      Project aims to respond to the needs in the field of border management via assessing the institutional capacity needs of Land Forces Command to adopt tools for modern border surveillance including but not limited to high technology systems and developing a training model and curriculum in line with international law and practices; and training of 500 professional staff of Land Forces Command on the procedural requirements of dealing with irregular movements at the border regions as well as fundamental rights on migrants and international protection and combating human trafficking.

    • Increasing Financial Awareness Amongst Youth in Turkey

      The project aims to increase the financial management capabilities of young people in Turkey.

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