Ombudsman Institution Met With NGOs and Citizens at Eskişehir

Dec 7, 2017

Project for Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of Ombudsman Institution implemented with the partnership of UNDP and Ombudsman Institution held its 5th and last Regional Meeting in Eskişehir with wide participation.

The Ombudsman Institution was established on 29 June 2012 for promoting effective compliant mechanism of independent human rights mechanisms and functioning of the administration. In this context, Ombudsman Institution and UNDP initiated the “Project for Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of Ombudsman Institution” on March 2015 aiming to strengthen the operational and administrative capacity of the institution. The project aims to support the Ombudsman Institution through use of UNDP’s experience in the field of capacity development based on the comparative analysis case studies that are unique to different countries and international standards.

The meeting was realized on 7 December 2017 with the participation of public institutions operating in Eskişehir, non-governmental organizations, Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality and gendarmerie. Also in attentance were the Eskişehir residents, voicing their questions and concerns.

The meeting which consisted of two parts, started with the opening speech of Mayor Yılmaz Büyükerşen. Participants and NGOs gave speeches in the second part of the meeting. In the event, which over 400 participants attended, written complaints were submitted through Ombudsman desks.

UNDP-TR-OMBUDSMAN-2Hüsnü Petek, a local authority from Deliklitaş, said he had heard of Ombudsman Institution, but never applied before.
UNDP-TR-OMBUDSMAN-3Şadan Canıgür, Chairman of İÇAD (Association of Families with Hearing Disabled Children), says she heard of the Ombudsman Institution for the first time. Canıgür also gave a speech about the problems in application of laws protecting the rights of disabled children. Canıgür said they will monitor the protection of disabled kids’ rights through Ombudsman Institution.
UNDP-TR-OMBUDSMAN-4İbrahim Kılınç, Secretary General of the Ombudsman Institution

İbrahim Kılınç, Secretary General of the Ombudsman Institution, was also in attendance. Kılınç stated that while the Institution is young and its potential not realized yet, it would be one of the prominent institutions in Turkey in the future. He also said in order to raise awareness of the Ombudsman Institution, more meetings, press and social media advertisements are in the pipeline. Kılınç stressed the importance of a more competent and better public services and added that the Ombudsman Institution is vital part of realizing that.  He also noted 88% of 3824 applications made so far were responded to, since only the applications concerning public institutions can be taken into account by the Ombudsman Institution.

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