Holding Optimism: A Story Of Integration



Husham Beyazit is 31 years old, and fled his Syrian hometown, Aleppo to Turkey 4 years ago, together with his parents and one brother. His family currently lives in Mersin but Husham lives in Gaziantep for professional reasons.

Prior to the war, Husham travelled around the world and learnt about marketing and sales from his previous work and studies. He received a degree in clinical pharmacy from the University of Cambridge in United Kingdom. In Aleppo, Husham worked for three years at Novartis as a product specialist, focusing on patients with osteoporosis.

Fluent in Arabic, Turkish and English, Husham currently holds a representative position in a Turkish medical company, which provides health care services to both locals and foreigners. At the same time, Husham is working on an advanced medical degree at the University of Gaziantep.

Although Husham has recently been granted permanent residency in Canada, he declined this offer. Husham believes that cultural similarities are important allowing him to integrate successfully into the host country. He is grateful for the hospitality which he and his family have received in Turkey.

“Turkey is my second home. My family members are here and I am recently engaged to a Turkish woman.”

Husham took part in the training programs on foreign trade, sales and marketing through UNDP’s efforts in the scope of the Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (3RP). UNDP leads Resilience component of the 3RP and it is the lead agency for the 3RP Livelihoods sector. The 3RP combines a humanitarian response focused on alleviating the suffering of the most vulnerable, addressing basic needs and preventing large numbers of refugees from falling deeper into poverty, with longer term interventions bolstering the resilience of refugee and host communities, while also capacitating national systems.

“These courses are very useful, not only in providing new knowledge, but also in providing psychological support through bringing a group of Syrians together that helps us to look forward to the future with hope. It is also important for us to know that our host country Turkey encourages the development and integration of Syrians into its society.”

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