Goodwill Ambassadors

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Ambassadors share human development concern and commitment.
They are at the top of their field, whether it's broadcasting, the literary world or the football stadium, with talents and achievements that have made them household names in their own, and in some cases, in many other countries.

Despite their diverse claims to fame, however, they all share a deep concern for the world's poor and a commitment to making the planet a better place for all, ridding it of poverty, combating HIV/AIDS, ensuring environmental sustainability, protecting human rights, and empowering women.

UNDP, along with other UN agencies, has long enlisted the voluntary services and support of prominent individuals as Goodwill Ambassadors or Youth Emissaries to highlight these causes.

Their fame helps amplify the urgent and universal message of human development and international cooperation, helping to accelerate achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

They articulate the UNDP development philosophy and programmes of self-reliant opportunities and motivate people to act in the interest of improving their own lives and those of their fellow citizens.

They give their time freely to help UNDP in its challenging mission, and travel often to developing countries for first-hand observation so that they can bring the human development message to the industrialized world.

Antonio Banderas

Spanish actor Antonio Banderas was appointed UNDP Goodwill Ambassador for the fight against poverty on March 17, 2010. In his new role as an advocate for the poor, Antonio Banderas sets his sights on the Millennium Development Goals.more 

Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba of Côte d'Ivoire became an Ambassador on 24 January 2007. He previously participated in several HIV/AIDS campaigns, and will continue to focus on this issue--and its implications for human rights and women's empowerment.more 

Iker Casillas

UNDP appointed the World Cup-winning Spanish football goalkeeper Iker Casillas as a Goodwill Ambassador for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) on 24 January 2011. In this role, he will focus on issues affecting young people in developing countries, promoting poverty reduction, education and health.more 

Misako Konno

Misako Konno was appointed as a UNDP's Goodwill Ambassador in October 1998. Since becoming the Goodwill Ambassador, Ms. Konno focused on promoting UNDP’s activities locally as well as globally. She always interacted with local people and encouraged their work to have a better life. more 

Marta Vieira da Silva

Marta Vieira da Silva, a Brazilian football striker, is one of the best soccer players in the world. She was appointed as a goodwill ambassador in October 2010 to promote international efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) with a special emphasis on the empowerment of women.more 


Growing up poor in Brazil prompted Ronaldo to become a UNDP Goodwill Ambassador in 2000 to help move the world against poverty in the new millennium. Ronaldo has committed to developing new partnerships, to spread the word to help sensitize people to bring about real and tangible change in the struggle against poverty. more 

Zinédine Zidane

French soccer star Zinédine Zidane earned his reputation as one of the world's best players. He put his commitment, since being appointed a UNDP Goodwill Ambassador in March 2001, to help countries reduce poverty and achieve the Millennium Development Goals.more 

Crown Prince Haakon Magnus of Norway

Crown Prince Haakon of Norway has been a dedicated and knowledgeable UNDP Goodwill Ambassador since 2003 with ambitions to help close the gap between the rich and the poor worldwide.more