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  • Score: Victory of Girls

    Summer 2011. In a low income area of the capital city, Ankara, a 15 year old girl Yasemin was utterly disappointed and scared. Her new step mother did not want to live with her. She was sent to her aunt’s house, additionally, being forced to quit school and to get married to a man who she even did not know the name. Yasemin was supposed to start her high school education in autumn. However the facts she faced seem not to be solved easily, the young girl is being seen as a burden to everyone around her. Yasemin says “If I was a boy, I am sure, things could have been much different.”

  • Strawberry means sustainable development and employment

    Strawberries of Sason, which provides employment to 353 families in Batman's Sason province and gets reputation for being peculiar to this region, gave its name to a primary school in a village of Sason.

  • In Turkey, fashion creates jobs

    Back in 2009, female entrepreneurs in Turkey, with the help of the country’s fashion industry have created an innovative new apparel line - one that also boosts the economic prospects for women in Turkey’s Southeast Anatolia region.

  • How Turkey’s youth are taking control of their finances - and their future

    Halil Ünsal is a college graduate with a background in finance. During college, although he was taking intensive math and business courses, he was not confident that he was learning how to manage his own personal finances, let alone understand the broader concepts behind financial management.

  • Agriculture Against All Odds

    Human bond with soil may at times be challenging and toilsome as it may well be necessary and rewarding. This is the case in Artvin, a place different than the Black Sea climate-wise and geographically.

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