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  • One Project, Many Results

    Ankara holds a building, newly completed but not renowned as it deserves: the building of Cezeri Green Technology Technical and Industrial Vocational High School. This building was built with the integrated building design technique, first ever applied in Turkey.

  • An earthy alternative to chemical fertilizers

    Earthworms are providing farmers with an appealing, organic alternative to chemical fertilizers in a part of Turkey that suffers from high levels of land and water pollution - with 45 farmers piloting the use of fertilizer made from earthworm waste in western Turkey’s Gediz River basin.

  • In Turkey, online games teach energy efficiency

    Meltem Şengün Ucal, a social scientist and professor at Kadir Has University in Istanbul, brings a different perspective on energy efficiency through a research project raising awareness among female consumers and children.

  • Global Meeting point: styleturkish.com

    Can an internet portal change the ways of foreign trade in Turkey’s textile industry for the benefit of the businesses based in disadvantageous regions? This article attempts to tell the story before and after such a portal was set up with UNDP’s contributions.

  • Sustainable tourism offers new opportunities for women and for local development in Turkey

    Asiye Kürklü, 47, had spent much of her adult life as a wife and mother, raising her two children. Although she was making artisanal handicrafts and selling them, it was still her husband who provided for the family. As she wanted to work as a self-sufficient woman, she joined a women’s association in her village in 2010.

  • A Fashionable Development in Turkey

    Back in 2009, female entrepreneurs in Turkey, with the help of the country’s fashion industry have created an innovative new apparel line - one that also boosts the economic prospects for women in Turkey’s Southeast Anatolia region.

  • Welcome to Uzundere, the Secret Gem of Çoruh Valley

    Firdevs is a young woman living in Uzundere, a small rural town in the Coruh Valley in Eastern Anatolia, Turkey. After leaving her hometown for five years to find a job, she found an opportunity to return back home. Firdevs and her friends now work in a women-led association to create an added-value with their home-made products and create new opportunities with increasing tourism activities.

  • Human Rights Training programme reached out 7,500 conscripts

    ‘Civic Training for Mehmetçik’ project aims to raise the awareness of the young male population of the country as conscious and responsible citizens who are respectful to the rights of one another and are more sensitive about protection of their physical environment.

  • Support to the further implementation of local administration reform

    Local administration reform initiatives of Turkey stands in the midst of the robust reform agenda of the Government of Turkey, with an aim of strengthening the basis for citizen-centered service delivery with an increased responsiveness to the expectations and needs of the disadvantaged groups, improved efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability in the public administration system, last but not least for reinforced grounds for pluralistic and participatory democratic order.

  • Budgeting for gender equality in Turkey

    How would life be different if women’s needs were taken into account when planning public spending?

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