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Climate Change and Environment

UNDP Turkey not only promotes mainstreaming environment, climate change and energy efficiency into sectoral policies, but also supports strengthening the institutional and policy capacities.More

Our Goals

To help Turkey find solutions, UNDP works closely with a number of government agencies, municipalities, private sector partners and NGOs, to integrate environmental and sustainable development principles into national and regional development policies and plans. more

Environment and poverty reduction

UNDP aims to contribute to poverty reduction and generation of sustainable incomes for people with its works on climate-resilient sustainable development.more

Our Stories

Photo: Küre Mountains Ecotourism Association
Lighting the Way to Sustainability

Turkey has had a system of protected natural areas in place, but their management has not always been adequate. Half its forests are considered degraded asmore 

‘Future We Want’ in Turkey’s coasts protected

Turkey’s 8.500 km-long coastline is a living space of 4,000 plant and animal species and their habitats and it is also a source of income formore 

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Projects and Initiatives

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