Human Rights Training programme reached out 7,500 conscripts

‘Civic Training for Mehmetçik’ project aims to raise the awareness of the young male population of the country as conscious and responsible citizens who are respectful to the rights of one another and are more sensitive about protection of their physical environment.

It has been implemented 2012-2014 in partnership with the Turkish Armed Forces, European Commission and UNDP.


Eight training modules were developed to educate conscripts who are in military service on the issues of human rights, gender equality and women’s rights, children’s rights, protection of the environment, general health care, legal empowerment, safe social life, learning and self-development so as to make them responsible and sensitive individuals of the society.


So far 7,500 conscripts have received the training and the modules are expected to be incorporated into the regular training system of the Turkish Armed Forces in the future.

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