Public Administration Reform and Anti-corruption

In societies undergoing rapid change as an effect of globalization or other forms of transition, a strong administrative capacity offers much-needed clarity and coherence for the implementation of national priorities, including those connected with MDG targets. UNDP helps to build public services that are cost-efficient and results-oriented, transparent, responsive and accountable to the needs of citizens.

An efficient, responsive, transparent and accountable public administration is not only of paramount importance for the proper functioning of a nation; it is also the basic means through which government strategies to achieve the MDGs can be implemented. Also, because the public administration is one of the main vehicles through which the relationship between the state and civil society and the private sector is realized, supporting Public Administration Reform and Anti-corruption is a means towards achieving higher-order development goals – particularly equitable growth, poverty reduction, peace and stability.

Within this perspective, UNDP Turkey support in this service line focuses on supporting efficient, responsive, transparent and accountable public administrations specifically as follows:

- Broaden the cooperation with respective public authorities those are responsible from the implementation and coordination of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy
- Contribute to the periodic review of the anti-corruption efforts as required by the UNCAC
- Promote the enabling environment among respective stakeholders in the anti-corruption and strengthening of integrity systems effort of the country
- Increased efficiency of the service delivery through use of ICTs