Human Rights and Security Sector Governance

Key features of the work of UNDP in the area of human rights and human security include: support to the development of national human rights action plans; application of the rights-based approach to programming; assistance for human rights initiatives involving civic education, awareness-raising campaigns, strengthening or creation of ombudsman offices and extension of human rights institutions to the sub-national level.

The human rights-based approach to development is an inter-agency concern in which UNDP:

- Reflects the full mandate of the United Nations for peace, security and human development (and is alone among United Nations agencies in doing so) into which human rights considerations can be mainstreamed

- Considers the lack of access to justice as a defining characteristic of human poverty, a challenge to be overcome through rights-based approaches

- Coordinates among United Nations agencies, thus enabling it to introduce rights-based approaches throughout United Nations country teams

In the context of Turkey, UNDP as one of the largest providers of democratic governance technical cooperation globally, provides policy advice and technical support in the area of human rights and security sector governance mainly in terms of i) strengthening capacity of institutions and individuals; ii) advocacy, communications, and public information; iii) promoting and brokering dialogue; and iv) knowledge networking and sharing of good practices.

Projects from Democratic Governance