Van Earthquake Community Recovery Support Project

What is the project about?

The project aims to make a contribution in recovery efforts after Van Earthquake through the establishment of a community center as well as preparation of a gender-sensitive disaster plan.

What has been the situation?

A devastating earthquake of a magnitude of 7.2 took place in the eastern Province of Van, Turkey on 23 October 2011 which was followed by another 5.6-magnitude tremor on November 9. As of 9 December, it was reported that 6284 earthquakes took place after the main shock. The total death toll of these earthquakes is 644 citizens while the number of people saved alive out of the rubbles is 252.   The government transferred over 23,000 citizens to government facilities in other provinces and over 35,000 citizens receive government support in places outside of Van. There are currently 13 tent cities in Van Center and Ercis district hosting almost 17,000 citizens. On the other hand, 10,000 out of 27,000 ordered containers were received and established as public service facilities, schools, and settlement for families whose houses are heavily damaged, etc.

What is our mission?

UNDP provides funding and technical assistance for the delivery of the expected project results.  

How are we doing this?

The project activities are concentrated upon delivering three outputs:
• Disaster Recovery Support Plan elaborated
• Community Centers established with counseling services/facilities
• Gender-sensitive recovery capacities strengthened

How will Turkey benefit?

This project will contribute the efforts of establishing a new community center, which will serve for psychosocial counseling and support in the short term, they will also serve for supporting social and economic empowerment of women who are affected from the earthquake, in the medium term when the recovery priorities shift more towards income generation and socio-economic response. This will also serve for longer term capacity building for the government to design and implement gender-sensitive disaster preparedness and mitigation, which will result in preparation of a draft toolkit with the Ministry of Family and Social Policy, to be used and shared with other relevant organizations for their further use.


Project Overview
Focus Area:
Poverty Reduction
Project number:
Project start date:
May 2012
Estimated end date:
June 2013
350.000 USD
Project funding:
UNDP & Government of Kuwait
Delivery in previous fiscal years:
UN/National executing agencies:
UNDP Turkey
UN/National/NGO implementing partners:
Ministry of Family and Social Policy / GD of Family and Community Services